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IRS office in Lawton in Guthrie Oklahoma

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IRS office in Lawton -

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Address: 2202 SW A Ave., Guthrie, OK 73501
Website: https://irs-offices.com/iowa/guthrie-center/
Phone: +1 844-545-5640
Specialties: Legal Services, Income Tax Services, Tax Reporting Services, Land Taxes, Taxes,

My tax info is being kept from me and all of the third party affiliates are only increasing the amount of ineffectiveness that the IRS and our government operates with. I suppose it will only get worse until enough people get tired of it and force legislative change. But in the meantime I suppose if you're in the government whoo!! Enjoy your lack of communication with the citizens who pay your wages, keep you in office and fight the wars for you. I cannot get into my ID account or my IRS account to look at the info regarding my return. Why is my information being kidnapped from me? No one can help and all I can do is wait for an email reply and keep going down dead end phone calls and websites where speaking to someone who can actually help is not possible for me yet after different attempts in different ways...

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