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Small Munsterlander Pointer Puppies in Guthrie Oklahoma

Small Munsterlander Puppies - Cedars Point Kennel

Cedars Point Kennel owns, trains and breeds Small Munsterlander Pointers. We own IntCH Gosch's Cir Conn a proven stud dog and three females we expect to begin breeding in 2020/21. Our Contact Us is also located on this page. More

Four Point Kennels – Small Munsterlander Hunting Kennel

Four Point Kennels is owned and operated by Tanner Rosia, who breeds Small Munsterlander’s, a versatile hunting dog. Read more. T The Breed. The Small Munsterlanders intelligence, loyalty, desire and easygoing temperament make them a wonderful hunting partner and companion. Read more. T More

Kennedy Small Munsterlanders - Oklahoma ... - Gun Dog Breeders

We are cooperating breeders with Small Munsterlander Club of North America. We have owned Small Munsterlanders since 2003 and have loved the breed ever since. We currently have 3 females approved for breeding and plan on having 2 litters per year. We are located in Edmond Oklahoma and hunt wild quail and pheasants in Oklahoma and Kansas. More

Small Munsterlander Pointer Litters at Brush Dale Kennel

The Small Munsterlander breeding pool in North America is extremely small. For the integrity of the breed to remain intact, breeders must choose those Munsters with the very best physical structure and conformation, cooperative temperament and versatile hunting ability for their breeding programs. More

All About Small Munsterlander Dog Breed – Behavior ...

As a hunting dog, it is obvious that they are very active. Therefore, any dog owner living in an apartment should get the idea out to own Small Munsterlander. They need a yard or a space big enough to perform their regular activities. Small Munsterlander is a medium-sized, lean and strong dog. Its muzzle is long and powerful. More

Small Munsterlander Pointer Dog Breed Information ...

This Small Munsterlander Pointer dog breed is affectionate with family, kids, and other dogs alike. The excel at water retrieving, and if you’re not a hunter, you’ll need to find other ways to ... More

Small Munsterlander Pointer Breeder - Brush Dale Kennel

The Small Munsterlander Pointer, one of the four original versatile hunting breeds, is a wonderful all-around gun dog and household companion. The Munster (pronunciation: 'mün-st r) (loosely: 'moon-stur) can efficiently carry out the duties of a pointer and retriever of both fur and feathered game from land or water. More

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*** We use Puppy Culture and our own protocols developed from over 20+ years experience in raising our puppies! You will not find better Small Munsterlander puppies ANYWHERE - the Proof is in the Puppies! More

Small Munsterlanders - ROBINGUN KENNELS 2019

In addition to selling puppies from our litters we also contract to start puppies for new owners to go to their new home ready to hunt by six - eight months of age. We purchased our first Small Munsterlander (SM) in 1995 & we got our second SM in 2006 & now we know why our SM friends told us, "You will never have just one Small Munsterlander!" More

Small Munsterlander Club of America > Home

The SMCA, established in 1993, is the original Small Munsterlander Breed Club in North America. The SMCA is dedicated to preserving the versatility of our breed true to the F.C.I. Small Munsterlander Standard of the breed as set forth by the German Verband for Kleine Munsterlander and adopted by the FCI. More